Feedback on Toy Sentry

So I made a Roblox Sentry toy in Roblox. Pretty cool, huh?
Here it is in real life: (couldn’t get picture of my own sorry)
Here it’s my sentry:

And of course, fans of animations, did a little animation:

This is breaking my angles not gonna lie. :sweat_smile:
So, feedback?


Pretty accurate to the toy version you’ve made good job :clap:

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looks really cool! I love the animation 10/10

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This looks amazing!!
was this made completely made in studio?

Yes, of course! Not a fan of Blender, but a fan of Unions!

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expect high lag then. unions cause lag

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I don’t know, my game is filled with unions, and there is no lag. I read from a topic that unions are the same as normal parts

Looks really good, I am inspired by your work.

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well, thats not true. try not to use too much unions.

Here is a topic that I read: