Feedback on Trade Locked screen

I’m currently working on my simulator game with trading. Trading should be usable for only people that have met specific requirements. I have made a locked screen which will show you what requirements you need to trade. Unfortunately I am not satisfied with how it looks and therefore I am looking for your feedback.


I personally would firstly start off by blurring out the back ground when the menu is opened

Apart from that, I’d say maybe try adding a progress bar on where they are at and how much it is compared to what they need to be at

Example of this:

[eggs image] 94/100
[rank badge] [rank] / [rank badge] [rank]

Everything looks good. You should make the game (everything behind the GUI) blurred and darker so people focus on the screen.

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It does make the background darker but you can’t see it as that screenshot was taken without being ingame.

This is what it looks like while ingame.