Feedback on tree

Hello, I am working on a realistic tree in blender and I wanna see what you think of it right now, its not finished yet. Still missing some details on the branches. And I will add leaves and textures.

Edit. I think I fixed the top twigs, I made them go up instead of down.


The tree shape is generally unsettling and organic. It’s unnatural, crooked and “withered” in appearance, which is possibly great for either autumn settings, horror genres or simply murky lands. Maybe if you posted two more different angles of it, I could get a full perspective of it.

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Ok thanks for the feedback and I am making it for a horror game. Also the shape may look weird cause it will be a tree with weak branches and a bunch of leaves, that’s why the branches are going down a bit.

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excuse me, is it holloween? also way to many twigs WAY YYYY TOO MANY

I’m just trying to make it detailed lol. Also trees and can have a LOT of twigs.


yeah ik
Screen Shot 2021-04-12 at 4.03.12 PM
but your twigs are just straight up weird

I think it looks nice and realistic. Make sure to update us when textured!

Thanks for the feedback! And I will.

Sorta lol, when it has a bunch of leaves you wont really see those weird twigs.

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Yup! So ARE you gonna add leaves? Screen Shot 2021-04-12 at 4.09.05 PM

When I’m done adding details to the wood.

I think it would look more better if they branched off more and the top branches are longer than the ones at the bottom

other than that, it looks pretty good!

Okay thanks for the feedback, ill try to do that.

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