Feedback on Tree

Hello! I made this tree with blender, what do you think?

If you want, you can give me any idea! Thanks!


Very nice - I’m quite a fan.


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Looks really nice. However, you might want to make multiple types of the tree. This is because (hypothetical), if you choose to make a forest, you’re going to make it very repetitive. Also, it goes really well with the grass.

However, the shadows under the leaves (not the shadow on the floor) seem to be quite dark for a cartoony effect. Perhaps you could decrease the shading under the leaves to add to the effect.


Do you guys think I should add rocks below the tree? Like a decoration?

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I like the design of the branches! However, the top of the tree looks a little flat. You can fix this by stretching icospheres in certain directions (Press S + X or Y or Z to scale the icospphere on a specific axis) and by decimating the spheres themselves

You can decimate an icosphere and make it look different by going to the modifiers tab on blender, select “Decimate”, select “Collapse” as the type of decimation you want to do, and move the value between 0 and 1. This should give it a more, well, collapsed appearance, differing from the other icospheres.

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I love the low poly tree style that you have made, but the only part where I think you could improve it the trunk, it looks a bit too low poly so you could perhaps add another cut or two into it and twist it.

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I find the bottom a little blandish. If this were to be used in something like a forest, I suggest you add roots and give it more of an overgrown look.

If this is for something like a savanna plain, you can leave the trunk alone, but make the leaves more unique. You can create a UV Sphere and change the properties so that it has a little more geometry than the icospheres, and mess around with that.

Other than that, I like it!

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I definitely love this tree. You might want to make some more variations of the tree, and maybe even design some different kind of trees that compliment it well! Especially if you are going to put a lot of trees in one region of the map!

Having identical trees just gets a little repetitive. But, this awesome!

I love it. Maybe consider adding a variety of trees instead of just one kind of tree. Great work, keep it up! :slight_smile:

Looks really nice tbh! And yes you should add some rocks under the tree.

Very good! Nice quality and ethics I’m sure you will succeed in low poly.