Feedback on tweened UI

Hello everyone. I created a tweened UI and I would like some feedback on it. Note that I’m just a beginner scripter.


Thank you.


Wow, man :smiley:! The tweening is great the colors are too. the only thing I don’t like is that there’s no x button on the pop-up. that would be easier than going up on the screen. Also, the sound isn’t that good. Here’s a sound that could replace that.
other than that it’s good!


I agree with with your suggestion about the X button on the popup. But frankly, the sound you offered doesn’t fit any better I’m afraid…

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It looks nice, maybe speed it down a bit because r now its hard to tell that its moving. Good job!

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The easing style fits, however I think it should tween out as well. I don’t like how it tells you you’re opening and closing it too fast when you can just override the last tween.

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yes its way too fast and it just looks like there is no tween.

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