Feedback on UGC Backpack?

Ahoy! I made this devil theme backpack, could i get feedback on it? And what are things I can change for the next time? Thanks.

Want to see a closer look? Here is a link to the game:


Add a trident :trident: instead of a star and Mayabe make the horns more sharpe


it isn’t really devil themes at all. tectures make it look like its been spray painteed on, they are reflective, and its just red black and has a star, no really devil stuff


Looks pretty cool but honestly it looks like a Black stripped red backpack more then a “Devil” backpack.

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This backpack is really cool except for the fact that it is going inside of his leg? Maybe fix that.

It’s really well made, but can you make the horns larger and more curvy?
And also the backpack is too thin.

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yeah I know I saw that, thanks for the feedback!

Looks pretty good! It might look better with a darker shade of red.

Looks great but the theme doesn’t match a devil theme just like what @IceTheOneAndOnly said. Add a trident also just like what @ProR172 suggested.


Adding A Little More Devil Themes Will Make It Better.