Feedback on UGC Concept Demon Horns 50R


I made a quick ugc concept:

Name: “Demon Horns”
Price: “50R”


Any and all feedback is appreciated!


Great UGC Concept Demon Horns you made there.

It looks perfect, I can picture that being in the Avatar shop for UGC.

Great job, keep up the good work.

The horns look good! They look very smooth except for when they’re going into the head, but it isn’t too big of an issue.
…I like how they’re a little curved forward rather than the horns facing directly upwards.
Great work, I think this would be very good in the Avatar shop.

Demon horns + outline effect = making bank

All I suggest would be moving them ever so slightly forward. From the front it is hard to tell that they are leaning forward and they look more like bull horns than demon horns. This will sell like hotcakes regardless.

Cartoony Rainbow Horns - Roblox I would like a red version hopefully it will be released!!!