Feedback on UI & Build for my menu

Here is what I have so far. I need some ideaso n how I can make it better. You could suggest ideas for the build or for the UI.

In-game the background nosies are just a night forest ambience with a randomly playing owl hoot every 30-120 seconds. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

You should put backgrounds behind the textbuttons. In my opinion, Plain white text looks very dull in UI.
Also, I think the ‘Other’ textbutton should be placed on the far right (Right side of the ‘Progress’ TextButton).
Other than that, the Menu looks very good, especially the forest backdrop. Great work!

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In the updated photo I added ferns, changed Progress & Other around and I’m going to add backgrounds to the text buttons right now.

Thank you!

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It’s a decent design I feel like the options placed onto the home screen looks quite interesting but simplistic. However, a few things you could do to improve your design to look more eye catching.

If you look at other known games that feature similar designs as yours, you’ll see most of them feature scenes of the game normally what’s it going to look like I feel like you should add some sort of outline around the text or filling within the button, just to make it more appealing. You could even add a transparent gray image so when players navigate to the UI it’ll be something behind the text;

(For gathering small ideas) I would try using UI from games to get an overall approach on how you’re wanting yours to look like.

Few examples of UI styles and ideas to take along designing yours.

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Right now when you hover over it the text slightly enlarges and it turns a light red. Thank you for the suggestions though!!

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