Feedback on UI Design: Beginner

I recently begun working with UI around 2 weeks ago, I created some UI for my game I’m planning to release soon.

Any feedback or critique would be greatly appreciated, the main target audience for the game is mainly mobile kids - always happy to hear advice or improvement ideas. :happy2:

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looks like your average simulator ui… so good job mobile kids will love it


This UI design looks great! Nice job on it!

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The colours should be much more vibrant, they’re too dull right now. Also the gradients looks a little too strong, you should test to see if a smaller gradient would work better

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I disagree. This UI is actually very impressive for a beginner. Only 2 weeks in and you’re doing very well. It’s definitely template-esque, but it’s still solid.

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i never said the ui was bad lol it looks nice actually

it literally looks like the average cartoony simulator ui which is good because his audience is mobile kids so good job to him

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I never said you said it was bad. You said it was “average”, but most games I see that play like this don’t have this well-detailed UI. It’s better than average, almost unbelievably.

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Thanks alot! I tend to progress fast in things if I do say so myself, but I really appreciate the feedback and support.

I’d also like to get into more advanced UI designs and projects in the future but I’m going to focus on simulator/cartoony style UI for the time being until I know I’m comfortable with doing it with ease. :happy2:

I appreciate the feedback, thanks alot. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback! I do think that the recording software makes the UI look dull but I’m not too sure since it looks quite vibrant in-game.

I’ll upload a test place game link here with just the UI so you can check it out and give any advice if you’d like, I’d be happy to take it in and improve! :happy3:

Thanks alot! Appreciate the feedback. :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:

i thought you meant that the ui was really good and that you thought that i thought it was bad because this is what you said

i still disagree with you though the ui looks like average simulator ui nothing more nothing less but still the ui is nice

That’s really impressive for someone who’s a beginner!

I think what I would add though, is some sort of texturing for the UI, like a grid, for example.