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Hello, I have been starting to do UI designs. I just made my first amount of UI designs, and I would like community feedback. Positive please, don’t be rude. But, hit those spots. The more I know, the quicker I learn, and the quicker I get better.


I’ve moved this to Cool Creations since it’s seeking general feedback.

This looks really good. If this is one of your first designs, I’d like to say you did a good job. I really like the shadows and rounded edges as I think they really fit the UI. However, there are a few problems.


The Text sizes on these buttons are not consistent. It is a really common mistake that a lot of UI artists do. To fix this, I would suggest using a UITextSizeConstraint.



Over here ^, the titles are too close to the top and the close button is too big. Maybe move the title a bit lower and also reduce the size of the close button.


Another thing you can improve on is the sizes of the boxes on the image above. You should make them smaller which will also allow you to fit more into it.

Overall, you did a great job. I would love to see more designs from you in the future.


Thank you so much, your feedback will be taken into consideration on future projects!

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Those are pretty good first UIs. Maybe you should add a bit more detail like a little translucent logo of the game in the background of the UI.

Thank you so much, I will take your thoughts into consideration!

Wow! Nice job on this UI’s I love it because of the colors they’re making them cool.

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This is simple yet appealing to the eyes! Also it’s not bad at all for your first UI design. You only have more room to grow so good luck!

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Wow, thank you so much. It’s great to know that others like my first art.

I’m so happy that you like this.

That looks fantastic! keep it up

Greetings, I just want to give a good commendation on the UI design it’s color looks so lively and really recommendable for a good game!
From what I may tell, the colors of your UI may be applied to games which have colorful designs and detail.

Pretty good! The thing I almost instantly noticed, however, was that the line under “Menu” is not aligned with the white boxes beneath it. It’s the small details that count!

Thank you so much, I have looked into it. :slight_smile:

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Yes! I would like these type of UI’s as like ROBLOX colorful bakery, and do more advanced things for clubs, etc.

If you’d wanted to go for a Low-Poly like UI, you nailed it and I would shrink the shadow a little, but it looks good.

I personally would use a software such as gimp or etc. and import buttons from there using the Inner Glow blending option for simulator UIs. Most of them use it, as it pops out more and fades from the outside to the inside in a light shade.

Again, UIs like the one you made are usually made to appeal for everyone (like simulator UIs)