Feedback on UI for simulator game

Hello! I am making a game called fighting simulator.


UI @netgenie
Scripting @Trooper_Janitor, @netgenie
GFX/Building @Akridiki

So, @netgenie made a UI for the game and we wanted to know what you think about it!

Here it is:

Wow, look like a good but simple. 6/10.


I didnt know he made that!

anyways i think the sword frame looks good

gamepasses i like but not as much as swords

overall score: 9/10

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The text on the rebirths button is a little bit too hard to read
Also I think the currency counters should be above the shop button and should be 1.5x bigger


Not bad, I would probably add a little more padding to the left of the currency labels, they seem a little pressed.

Maybe find another colour for the rebirth button the text in it is blending too much with the bright green imo

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I like the way it’s arranged but the style is like almost every other simulator


I like the overall look of the UI! It’s plain and simple! And by the look of your game. I think this UI is perfect! Great job!