Feedback on UI tween

Hello, I recently started learning about animations of parts and UI and on how the UI system works along with tables, and I just learnt about the Tween system and thought I would throw together a little animation, I would like any feedback to improve future animations and any feedback on how to generally improve.

I know its not much but I am very excited about learning with the UI components and how they work, and only learnt about the TweenService and Tween about a couple hours ago as such I am very impressed with this, here is a video.

Please keep in mind this is my first tween except the tutorial basic slide one.

(Sorry for trash quality, cant do anything about that!)

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I would recommend making it much faster as I don’t think people would want to wait 5 seconds to open something. I also would prefer if it minimized and flew to the top of the screen instead of the right (it feels weird seeing it tween towards the middle of nowhere).

As for the UI design itself, I would recommend making the padding for the darker frame with offset instead of scale because when scaled down it looks squished. The UI corner for the darker frame should also be a bit smaller.

I generally like the design you’re going for.


Try having it go up instead of to the right, and also make it faster and use quad instead of linear for the tweens


Thanks for the feedback, I will implement them in future project :slight_smile:

I’m not a UI designer, this is probably my best work for UI so I really appreciate the feedback on design :smile:

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Try having it go up instead of to the right

I have already gained that knowledge from the PienAppel but thanks for the help with the animation style, this will help a lot :smile:

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Me trying to copy that design of UI later on while adding functionality ended bad I think.