Feedback on UI!

I am trying to improve on my UI. Feel free to give me any feedback on this!



Hey Dark, I think this fits great with Roblox’s modern style.
If you didn’t say you made it, I would’ve thought it was some sort of Roblox update! Keep up the good work.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Thanks! I was just a little stumped on the font to use, lol.

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Hm, Not a ton of replies. Do you have any comments?

It’s really good it like @Vixxenial said fits Roblox modern style it looks really good keep up the good work.

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I like the modern look! I think the Close button is a little bit to small in my opinion. But other than that it looks fantastic.

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Hi A1 here, and this looks outstanding keep up the good work lad!.

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Agreed. Also, try making the border radius of the close button a little less? Make it match the body of the main menu you have going on there. Just an idea, I’m not the best at ui’s myself, I’m just going off of looks.

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