Feedback on Underground Abandoned Facility

just realized that my friend gave me stolen/copied/free ? assets, sorry, i will not repeat this mistake again


Hey There.

This build is very cool and detailed. I think you should add more pipes or in the wall things like a testing area? It gives the build more underground thought as underground places have a decent amount of pipes. This has a lot of potential. Very nice job.


If your wanting to push it more further you should include a small amount of objects around stains, fallen parts, ect. It depends on how the facility has been there it should follow those structures to base it off on how it change throughout the few years without human activity keeping it safe and active.

Consider adding rust or dirt stains on the walls so it has that effect your wanting it seems like the building has been there for a day or two see no changes occur throughout the time. Ideas would be placing stains or cracks in the walls, leaking pipes and vegetation as well a small feature of paper laying on the floor.

When placing abandoned objects like vegetation, textures so on and so forth make sure to not overdo them as sometimes it looks as though they have been placed everywhere instead of abandoned spots.

It’s a good start and the like the overall white appearance color scheme and items it features.


Hey there! That looks very awesome. Here are some tips.

  • If this is going to be the map, then make it look more abandoned.

  • You should add more things

  • Add more facility things in the picture with the broken wall.

  • Add some signs on the wall.

Those tips i gave aren’t really needed on this, you could just check it out how it works out with these things added in the map.

Good luck with your ‘Underground Abandoned Facility’!

If you’re going for an abandoned theme; like everyone else, I would recommend making it feel more abandoned unless it’s like recently abandoned. I’d recommend doing something like Portal 2 did with their facilities, just make the place look overgrown with broken wiring coming out of areas and with anything that you think has potential to look broken, just don’t go overkill with it!

[[Sorry if Portal 2 is a huge comparison]]

Rating the overall lab at the moment, just it being normal; I’d say it looks great just I’d recommend adding details in more areas like crates, carriers and stuff along those lines!

For an abandoned facility, this seems far too bright and clean. I’d add in some vines, debris, ivy, and rocks around to make it feel like it is legitimately abandoned. The lights would probably also serve you far better if they were somewhat orange-tinted and not as bright as they are pictured to be here. Plus, the diamond plate in the hallways pictured seems to stand out far too much. I’d replace it with some colored lines to accent the base wall.

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Aren’t these assets from Area - 14?


Wohoo! looks really good keep on doing it never give up :blush:
And maybe do more decorations on the floors

You could probably add what sector you’re in on the walls so they don’t look quite as bland, the color coating would help a lot.
And as others suggested if it’s abandoned you should make it look more so.

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Hey there. I think my best piece of feedback would be if you could use your own assets. I recognise the entire construct of this facility as a project that I currently work on, which was also worked on by @devSparkle and led in terms of product by @Administrator_Mr. I realise someone pointed this out in an earlier post and I was just told today about it.