Feedback on Unhinged Rooms

a plaza maybe? a pizza box? who knows! something calming, relaxing, such as maybe the outside of a house with a bush!

Like this?

sure! can i use that one? i like it a lot!

yea, you can use it any I give

some more:


i don’t think real places will work anymore, why not take a picture of silent137’s ghost maze on roblox?

what’s that? can you send a link


might get warned for uploading 2 images edited from real life, this one was found on the web for some pfp i made.


not many people admire walls. what about a corridor? it might be nice to see more corridors.

these will work! :smiley: i will hue shift the ghost maze one to be a calmer color.

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take note that i also credit you in your 2 ;-; images that got uploaded
so what are some room ideas? i need some

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You don’t have to credit me

its ok, i still want to. if i didnt no one would really care about your help
anyway, wanna get ideas from Rooms & Doors? (the game and both games, the one by cj4 and the 2 games)

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yea, although I don’t have any ideas since I don’t play doors or the rooms

want to play them? now, i mean

sure, I have played doors most recently, but like a long time ago but I remember some things, although rooms I haven’t played in a while so lets play rooms first

Cool game! I liked the ambience, especially the sounds! I was a little confused initially by the flashlight, it seemed to go dimmer when going into a room but the clicking made it go bright again? I would also recommend potentially tweening the doors on the client so the animation is smooth (though that’s often a later-in-development kind of thing). Another thing is I found the flashlight often got stuck in walls, maybe you could do a raycast to see if a wall is too close and move the flashlight backwards if it is. I also thought the o key was hard to press for doors, it might be easier for players if it was closer to wasd instead.