Feedback on Unhinged Rooms

I am working on a game named Unhinged Rooms,
And so,
I need feedback.
Play it here.
Please give feedback.


couldnt provide any images because i have none, sorry :frowning:

the game is nice but for some reason my screen was super bright after I did something anyway you could add more furniture to some rooms and some more items for players to use, I also like the concept to put a creature on the door depending on attacker, also my chat wasn’t working, is that intentional

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oh hi miserable! yes it is. i will try to add the things mentioned.
edit: what furniture? what should i add?

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I notice some rooms are bland, you could add tables or plants, and couches/chairs. You could also make rooms have shapes, like an L shape or something.

ok. i will try that, and i will need more ideas for, well, stuff! i am thinking of making a realistic office, so maybe paintings too.

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is this good?

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yea, you could make it hanging by a nail in the wall , is there going to be an image there?

good idea! and yes there will be. it will be rng.
edit: it looks good! doesnt it?
how do i do that doors kind of art?

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That does look good, you should make the nail smaller and up some more, and the cylinder thats long piece make it smaller

Im not sure what doors art is since I don’t play doors

its watercolor-like imagery, and i really like it. how do i do that?

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oh, you can try using photopea. has ton of filters

i am not really a photopea person, how would i do it in kleki?
i remember making that kind of art before i began hating IR, it was interminable rooms art.

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Well, not sure kelki has filters, but all you have to do is take a screenshot then in photopea paste it (ctrl+v) then just press filters and export, it’sreall easy

can you add a filter to some images? i will upload them once i make em

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yea, send me the images inside of messages and Ill give you the filtered versions

first one

im not a good artist ;-;
a few of these will be pre-made

here is filter version of first one,


cool! i will 100 percent use these. also can you make some of your own too? i need more images.

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Sure, but what should they be?

char c