Feedback on unique simulator game

I did a post like this about a year ago, and I have changed even more things since then!

I would like some feedback on this game: Airplane Attack Simulator - Roblox

Please let me know if there is anything that I should improve, change, if theres anything annoying, or if there are any major bugs…

Is the game a good simulator? If so, how good

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Sorry but I have to say this

I don’t see too much originality in here

Yes, the only original things are:

You need to shoot airplanes and not just click things

The rest is like any other Simulator, and also the Thumbnail looks badly made, might throw Players off

I entered the Game, looked around, started playing and went out, nothing kept me there

Needs a tutorial, I didnt know what to do

Why am I shooting planes?

I mean, I tried text tutorial but players just skip that, so I went with arrows pointing to the things you do. Which hopefully is understandable.

Shooting airplanes is the way you get Iron which you sell for money which is the main currency used in the game. (thats why you shoot airplanes)

Okay, so basically Sinulators gameplay loop like PSX, well…

Add something, story, give a reason of why you are shooting airplanes, other than getting iron, maybe you could say:
“These airplanes are spies form another nation, you need to take them down, with the scrap you will get we will be able to build more powerful weapons, and go in more dangerous areas”

Add to it, Sinulators need to be good, thsi seems too much like PSX

(Good job thi, I can understand it took you a lot to make that, I respect you for this)

You could implement this idea with the tutorial, like a:
“Try shooting at that plane by doing [whatever] and etc. etc.”

yeah i could add a story if it makes the game better

There’s a rule when creating a story, if made good, it can make your Game stand out form others…
But if made wrong, your Game will sink in failure…

So don’t just throw it out form nowhere, add some significance to it

Good luck!

(I just feel like Gandalf)

yeah i understand :slight_smile: (character limit)

Before joining the experience, I have read the description and it seems that it uses a lot of hyphen, grammatical errors and bits of emojis to atract the audience with the vision to be special and promising, but if we take a look upon the experience, everything was odd and not what I have expected…

To begin with, I must talk about the design. When it comes to the design, you need to think how detailed or simple it can be displayed graphically, and comparing to other simulators, yours is not cartoonist enough as containing a lot of amateur buildings and the map being half medium. It can be good if you were to redesign thinking in more lively effect that can make it more shiny and interesting for players.

The interfaces are very simple and believe it or not, they can be sometimes confusing and/or filling up to much the spaces of small devices where players would like to jump and move around with the thumbstick. It is for the best to minimise them and put in zones that cannot “hurt” the screen. Furthermore, apply ordinary icons for them while being able to be animated.

Last, but not least, the concept. When it comes to simulators, they all have the basis of being a gameplay through with a loop in the context of consistently achieving and at the same time, simulating something (whether being based in the reality/fictional). So far, it doesn’t seem to be much of original or making sense… You just shoot barely a small plane with the health being 50 and gets destroyed (if we speak in the programming way). You could improve by thinking about the script, how it starts, develops in the middle and concludes for the finale.

Also, another thing to note aside from what @JuanGamerPlayz_RBLX said, at first, as hearing the name of the Game and reading a bit of the description I thought I would have to use a plane to shoot other planes etc.

But it’s not like that, maybe change taht up a bit?

thank you for the feedback guys!

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I am not the best builder or UI designer because I’m a scripter, and most of the problems here are either builds or GUI, I can understand that… But I’ll try to make them better anyways

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I’ll give you a tip, post some of the builds here in #help-and-feedback:creations-feedback, and also with the GUIs,as theres plenty of people that can help you improve!

(For the GUIs remember to put transparent text on the whole image, not sure how tho, that’ll make sure they can’t copy your image€

It’s kind of engaging, but like dede said maybe a story would make it better. And more items or boosts you can buy with money (if you don’t already have them)


boosts like luck boosts? If so, maybe they can cost gems because it’s a currency that is harder to obtain (if thats what you meant)

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Revamped the entire map + added UI animations… Anyone let me know if you think it’s better than before