Feedback on untitled game concept

Hello, I am currently developing a game but I need some feedback on the concept of it before I dedicate all my time on it.

None of the assets nor scripts are finalised in any way.

The Game

My target for the game

To create a fun and accomplishing aspect for the user in a satisfying way.

Questions to testers
  • Do you like the concept? Would you change anything?
  • Would you play the game again?
  • What are your thoughts on the obstacles?
  • Would you every think about buying in-game points or gamepasses?
  • Do you think this is worthy of release?

Thanks very much.


Pretty good game its like really immersive and really requires the player to interact with the game

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After playing the game, I really like the concept of it. But there are some problems.

  • the character is very hard to move.

  • It’s hard to predict if the tile is respawn.

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Thanks very much! Is there anything else that you think should be added or fixed?

Thanks! The character issue could be fixed with increased walkspeed. The tile issue is very annoying but I think that creates a difficult aspect to the game but you can remove the tiles even when they are re-generating. Thanks for your feedback!

It sounds very unique! Can’t wait to play it! Sounds like fun!

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