Feedback on Untitled Game

Hello! I and my team have been working on a game, we think the genre has never been attempted on ROBLOX before. The game is currently called Untitled Game because we haven’t yet come up with a name.

The point of the game is that you have a base and you have to defend like most other tower defense style games. What really makes the game different is you actually have a gun to attack enemies with. There are also different roads for enemies called lanes in the game, which increases while the waves go on. Builds can also get destroyed by mobs and placed in the lanes instead of near them.

I would really appreciate it if you would have the time to join us. We really need valuable feedback to make the overall experience even more fun and enjoyable! Thank you for reading.

Discord Link to the test server: Mad Time Studios

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It would something from tower defense, yes. But concept is pretty interesting.

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