Feedback on vanilla roblox screenshot?


Looks really good. I’m really glad you didn’t overdo the sun rays. The mountain blends almost seamlessly with the landscape. Did you do the mountain with ROBLOX terrain?

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Roblox has come a loooooong way since 2007 :flushed:
Very nice

It looks Photoshopped, the grass is more blurred then the mountains in the distance. I can tell it was made in ROBLOX studio but it looks a little plain, maybe add a little more terrain difference, (a river or rocks)

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Looks great! I genuinely can’t think of anything you could change!

The picture could use some greenery. I would add bushes, trees, flowers, maybe even a beehive to give it life.

I really like the skybox. It fits with the setting and provides a nice summer vibe.

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Hello there,
I think that this screenshot is good in it’s quality and positioning, I really like how you captured the best of ROBLOX in a single picture.

Keep it up!

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Yes, I made the mountain using ROBLOX terrain.

Thank you guys for giving me feedback!

There’s an effect for this called Depth of Field.