Feedback on version happy obbies

feedback on new feature in Happy obbies.

which new feature

I have new levels that you can test with drag able parts you can go to it via the new tablet then the open beta app then drag detectors test it here you can teleport to 2 levels I will soon add more

So pls give your feedback and Report any bugs so I can make it beter. You can give your feedback Down below.

More information

i will use your feedback.

The obby itself is pretty good, however I feel that the UI can be improved. Currently there is a lot happening on the screen, some players may not like that.

I would recommend trying to work on the user interface.

Good luck with your development journey! :grinning:

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It seems like a very unique obby! The colors and the obby itself look really fun. :slight_smile: I did notice a few things though. Firstly, the UI didn’t seem optimized for mobile and kept clashing on my screen when I played. Additionally, another thing is noticed was that it said that it was 1am on January 1st, 2023 in the time/date section on the upper-part of my screen.

I’d also recommend to work on your grammar for the tutorial and description. Lastly, the only other thing I can think of is deleting the “Rig” above the model of you at the beginning of the game.

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Ty for your feedback but I actually will in this topic hear feedback about the new update information above for feedback you can go to

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