Feedback on "VR Concerts"!

Currently I’m working on a game called VR Concerts where you can dance to songs.

This is the menu that you can use in VR to control your concert. I made it so you only have to click one button, meaning I can save the other button slots!

This is me dancing* to "Mafumafu - RPG", and this is pretty much what I got my inspiration from!

*Note that I’m a horrible dancer, so this isn’t very good. Make sure your volume is up to hear it lol

**The button is the clickin of the left thumbstick. To navigate menus, click it in to go to the next option, and then dont touch anything for a second and it’ll select that option.

I’ve made a smaller update where the building is mostly finished, but I’ll add more decorations like a snack bar, etc, when I add the building mechanics


Hi man, just had a quick look at it in VR.

I’m very much not a fan of the 1 button method for using the menu in the way it current works. Most of the time the menu closed before I had a chance to properly read any of it.
Using a single button to open the menu and to change what is selected is good enough although I find it to feel a bit unnatural, but I think it should be so you need to use a second button to actually select something in the menu. E.g. press left thumbstick to open the menu, press left thumbstick again to move down to get to “select a song”, and then press the A button to go into the select a song menu.

Also I noticed a few of the truss blocks weren’t anchored, they were glitching into the wall.

Apart from that what I saw looked to work fine

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Ah, I forgot to anchor the trusses.

Also, I’ll take that advice about the menu and add another button, thank you!

A new update has been sorta released, introducing a menu, and remaking some of the vr menu so more can be fit in.

Lots of options DONT work yet.

Heres a video of me messing around with the new concert menu:

… and heres a small video of the main menu for pc players: