Feedback on Walking Animation (1) [OLD]

Hey there!

Please note that this is my first animation ever on Roblox Studio (that i’m actually trying to finish).

So i’m making this Walking Animation for this monster, and i would like some feedback.

Keep in mind this is only the first section of the animation, so it’ll look very repetitive and odd. I’m making multiple sections in the animation so it seems inconsistent and random. I may have about 3 or 4.

Also the actual monster is also a WIP.

Here’s the first section of the animation:

All i used was this image (and some inspiration from TJOCR).

Any feedback would be appreciated!


I feel like some bounce in-between the steps would really add some effect to the animation, otherwise I like it! :slight_smile:


Do you mean it tilting side to side each step?

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To easily put it I would just add some height difference in between the main keyframes such as the outstretched foot infront of the model :slight_smile: Dm me on discord and I can show you some anims I have made! Finbxb#4929

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I feel like it could go up and down, like breathing, so it’s when he sets his foot down his whole body goes down, then after a second goes back up.

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it’s very important for animations to look dynamic;

any “physics” objects on the rig should interact correspondingly, your animation is a great start, but too clunky the way it is right now

Hm, i want the monster to look like its trying so hard to breathe (in terms of the animation, not the build), because of how this thing is literally a torturing suit meant to be implanted into a body to prevent one from dying, but i guess ill give it a go and see how it comes out.

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Clunky is the way i’m trying to go. I want the monster to feel old, clunky, and i want every step to look painful. Do you think its a little too clunky? It will literally be a rusty old monster in a building abandoned for centuries. Please let me know so i can change it if i need to.

I know it may seem like i’m trying to reject criticism, but i just want to inform you what i’m trying to achieve, and whether you think its still not going towards the direction i want it to.

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i know what you’re going for, but this is not the clunky you’re trying to convey

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Its good, but personally I think you should make the monster take a step, then drag the other leg on the ground. That’s just my personal opinion.

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If you want, you can friend me on Roblox and I can help you with the animation for completely free.

If you decide too, friend my main account that i’m most active on: AidenMcDaily

Good Luck!

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He did good, he just might just want to add the creature dragging a leg or something to give it that old type feeling. Know what I mean?