Feedback on walking animation

I’ve made a walking animation similar to the one in Combat Warriors - Roblox
I like it but something feels off, a part of it feels low quality. I’m not sure what. Feedback would be appreciated.

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Honestly my feedback might help too much but I think it could look a little better if you increased the time between each movement. Experiment with different things to figure out what works best for you personally.

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I’ll try that out, thanks!

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I think it looks alright. If there some camra movement in this walk cuz from the vid it looks so? If so that makes it look super cool.

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The animation itself looks great but I don’t know what it is exactly but I feel like something is offsync, I’d recommend tinkering a bit with the camera shaking speed or perhaps the time between each movement like @Icantliveatlife said.

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I slowed down the animation and walkspeed a bit, here’s the result. I do think this looks better, but it’s still not exactly what I want. robloxapp-20220815-1508527

I’m going to try to find out how I can keep the head still and not have it move with the torso but I don’t really know how to do that other than by hand, which is imprecise and difficult :confused:

I might change the camera shake a little bit, I haven’t yet though.

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So, I kinda just remade the whole thing, and I think it looks pretty sick.

I’ve realized I need to tinker with the footstep sounds now, as they don’t match with the footsteps… Bruh.


Looks pretty good. The only problem I notice is that the feet drag on the floor. You should try make the legs whenever you take a step, move to your torso a bit.