Feedback on wallrunning system?

Hey there! So, my friend sent me videos on the wallrunning system (both manual, you press “E” and automatic, you get near the wall and you wallrun)

I think the wallrunning system has so much room for improvement, we wanted this wallrunning system to be like titanfall 2’s or karlson’s wallrunning system.

Heres the videos:




Stating facts, it works epic,but in the video you sent, isnt he walking on the killbrick

Also what is this


It works nicely, but you can improve on some things

  1. animate a wall running animation, as if thre player is tilted.

  2. Change the rotation of the camera, so that it rotates with the movement.

  3. Add a cooldown to this. As in real life you can’t infinitely wall run.

It definitely has room for improvement, but it looks great so far. Well done :+1:!


He told me thats for testing if exploiters can just call the remote event for the admin gui, it does kick them when i press a button so it works.

I used a simple touched event for it so it probably just looked like it but mostly very close to being touched

What do you mean by this? Im quite confused.

Yes, i agree and thank you!

I think he was referring to rotating the camera, either 45 degrees or a bit less (either to the left or the right, depending on what side the wall is on) when you’re running along the wall, so that it seems more like you’re running on the wall rather than just floating across it.