Feedback on watermark for @amobamocamo

Hello developers! @amobamocamo messaged me for a watermark, and because this is only my second go at it, I decided to do it for free for practice!
Feedback is highly appreciated!
(First photo is showcasing the watermark, second is the watermark on the transparent png because default DevForum theme is white)
All elements (except for the cat) are hand-drawn, please do not use without permission.


It looks good hard for it to be removed because the color is white :slight_smile:

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought that watermarks were just a placeholder to stop people from stealing your work, not a amazing work of art.

I gotta admit this is a pretty cool watermark though :eyes:

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Wow! Thanks so much for the kind words!
People get creative with watermarks, apparent Ac1dMilk, Tsu, Kaanaboo, and pretty much every graphic designer on Twitter.


Really love it. Just amazing. I would definitely recommend @TrulyChxse


Thanks so much! I enjoyed working with you :slight_smile:

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You’ll have to send me some of your work with the watermark on it, would love to see it.

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Of course!
I would be more then happy to send work with your watermark.

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Watermarks look great. Cant really see the second image as the background is white…

That’s an amazing watermark!

Having a unique watermark for me is pretty essential because it shows that only one person could have made that artwork, and I think you’ve nailed that!

Now that you’ve gained some experience, why not go ahead and start comissions if you’re ready? Giving these out for free is a steal in my opinion LOL,

Keep it up!

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Hey! Would you like me to make one for you?

Looks great! Except maybe try using your own images instead of stock images and clipart next time? Regardless, good stuff :fire:

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Thanks! All the images I used (except for the cat) are hand-drawn!


Exactly, only one person could have made the artwork with a watermark, so technically its not a steal lol

Thanks for all the feedback!
It really helps for future reference.