[OPEN] Ac1dMilk's GFX Portfolio

Render-less Logos & Watermarks re-opening after 2 years!

Hello! (previously sourbrandon) I am a semi-experienced GFX Artist and I have been practicing this art for about 2 years. Most of the geometric designs along with my watermark is handrawn from my phone. I am always open to criticism, and suggestions. Although not as active as I was last year, I’ll be available duringt the better part of the week. I’m very consistent with replying to my messages. I specialize in Fashion Graphics (3D Graphics.) The softwares and editors I use are Cinema 4D, Blender, and Pixlr.

Here are some screenshots of my work. This thread will be constantly updated, I am always striving to get better. I’m also selling my personal Blender lightroom.

Click Here

(upload://1j2WgwnXEYMx0MfzQankuvaSaA0.png) the honey hive

I draw watermarks on my phone and I’d love to make you one! Contact information below. Here are a few examples:


I am available everyday all hours for communication, but only 2-3 hours for graphics. My request fill up pretty quickly so if you would like to start an order, I suggest doing so ahead of time.

Please don’t excessively ping me or constantly ask for updates, if it has been longer than 48 hours and I haven’t replied, then you can remind me.

[ROBUX ONLY] (I may use paypal in the future) I usually charge :robux_light: 200 per graphic. Anything without the use of a render/character will be :robux_light: 100. I do some special requests, just ask me about it. (ALL PRICES NEGOTIABLE)

More advanced scenes will cost a bit extra depending on how many renders you want in them, or how advanced you want the scene. My computer is currently not compatible for doing scenes of a brick count of over 1000-2000

WATERMARKS Payment for watermarks will be 50, I mayyy or may not require the fee :wink:

For now, you can just message me on discord. I have discarded of my old group and I do have a new group that will soon have a request center under group games. My discord tag is below. Make sure to be very detailed so I can ensure perfect execution of your order :slight_smile:

GROUP LINK sourbrandon's graphics - Roblox


You can contact me through these social links.
DISCORD: brandonn#2891 - Always Active
TWITTER: www.twitter.com/ac1d_milk - Semi Active

Thank you for reading my portfolio! :left_speech_bubble:


Some amazing graphics you got there! Keep it up!


Your GFXs are so amazing! I can’t believe I stumbled upon you here… I’m choco-chip from discord. What a small world :sweat_smile:


Sent a request on discord very interested.

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Very talented, quick work. Nice GFX with a talented array of works.

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Thank you! Glad I could satisfy.

Hey! If you are reading this, sorry for the bump. I have recently updated my whole portfolio with a new theme, group, and I now have added a new style to making my graphics. Please check it out!

Great work! :heart: I sent a friend request on Discord (my username should be my username on Roblox), looking forward to hearing from you!

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I am definitely interested in hiring you, excellent work. I am going to send you a message at the moment. :slight_smile:

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What a quick worker, cheap prices, fast work, he got my commission done in about 2 hours! Brandon offers high quality work for the price, I recommend you really raise your prices. :sweat_smile: Overall a nice guy to know, I recommend him to everyone! :heart:

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Added. Definitely start charging more ( :

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I definitely recommend Brandon. He managed to deliver quick with high quality work for a cheap price.

I’ll probably be commissioning him again soon, he’s a very advanced artist. :star:

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Update: He completed my order in 12 hrs for 100 robux… Easily best designer I have seen.

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I really love your watermark style, and I would like to order one from you! I already send u a req on Discord and I hope u will answer (Marianne6786#8694)

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I requested a Watermark and the result was what I asked for! Tysm it’s amazing to find someone talented like u in this community. Keep going :smiley:

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Great artist! Delivered high quality work in a short amount of time. Would recommend for any of your GFX needs!

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Nice! Great GFX, keep it up!
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I sent a friend request on discord. Looking forward to work with you.

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10/10 Artist. I am speechless he is easy to work with, has awesome skill and cheap prices. I believe he is the best graphic designer the Roblox DevFourm has to offer. I would totally recommend him.

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DISCLAIMER (i think) If you would like to submit an order, please join discord server and fill out a form, it’s much more organized to me and that I can make sure that you get your order when it’s needed.