Feedback on watermark

Hello Developers!
I just finished my first shot at making a watermark for creations, and would love some feedback!
Here are some photos:
(The last one is the plain transparent version, I’m attaching the first one so you can see it, as the devforum background is white by default.)

(If I continue making watermarks, I may release an asset pack to #resources:community-resources

okay decent pic of the watermark

— TrulyChxse  (INACTIVE UNTIL MARCH 8) (@TrulyChxse) March 3, 2022

(Sorry for the low quality photo)

It looks pretty cool! Great artwork!!!

Looks amazing, people will have a hard time stealing your work if you position it right on your art.

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Thanks you! Hopefully I can improve in the future :slight_smile:

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It’s great! Better than just slapping your in Calabri written name onto something!

Thanks! I’m embarrassed I used to do that :sweat_smile:

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The 2nd watermark is far better. But please try to tile it over the pictures you will be marking. Its very easy to delete watermarks if you put them at some corner and etc.

Hey! Thanks, I was just showcasing the watermark in the photo.

Here is the most recent, Looking for feedback on my improvement.