Feedback on Waypoint System

So i got bored and made a basic waypoint system to train “Module Scripts”,
If you guys want to give a feedback, feel free to :slight_smile:

(Don’t care about the noob avatar, roblox was down when i recorded the video)


Btw the Waypoints disappearing is a bug because i tried to make a filtering system but it didn’t work

i want to have it because it is good

I can’t do that, especially right now when roblox is down.
But i plan on making it better and make it public on toolbox or sell it.

You should make a list of all the waypoints the player creates and display the list somewhere so players can select or delete them easier. You could also use it so players can rename their waypoints.

nice… but how do you use the waypoint?

you need better ui font btw

I would love to do that but since roblox is down i can’t do anything oof

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yeah ik it sucks. Just a suggestion for the future :smiley:

Since it’s a waypoint it dosen’t teleport you, it only shows where you marked it.
I would love to make a better gui and other stuff to it but since roblox is down i can’t do that.
(Also since i am not good at making art, i will only use roblox’s gui stuff)


It’s actually easy to make a list like thingy using the roblox ui table (i forgot the name but it makes like an auto-table on a list)

yeah i have no idea. I barely started learning studio beginning of 2021. Havent gotten around to making UI yet but its on my list for sure.