Feedback on what to add to my game Ocean City

Hello, I Am Working On A RP Game Like Liberty County And Would Like To Know What I Should Add, Here Are A Few Snapshots…


You Can Also Test The Game Here-

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not very well made. the ui doesn’t match the theme, you haven’t payed much attention to detail, sign scaling is off, buildings aren’t very well made, some fonts don’t fit in, and its too dark in some spots. i like the stereo inside the nightclub though. also the floor in there is e n t i r e l y g r e e n


Maybe add a dealership for cars? :thinking: Also, are the cars free models?

I think you could improve the buildings

A hospital would be a good addition! You should also try to make the buildings look like actual buildings instead of cubes.

Also, I forgot to mention that the buildings look boxy and look like cubes.

Yeah this kinda looks like free models thrown around with trash.
I dont think anyone would wanna play this. Anyone in the right mind, that is.

I think the best advice is to go and look at real buildings, like a firestation and try to copy some of the main details and features. This will help to make your buildings look more believable.

For a RP game, your build is very simplistic. Your fonts and themes don’t compliment one another which may appear more tacky at first glace. Before questioning ‘what more needs added’ to the game, I would focus on finding your games style. Some prefer low-poly, others enjoy that traditional Roblox look. Your color choice, block texture is all over the place. Pick things that compliment your games genre.
However, I like the size of your buildings and map. I would suggest taking time to detail your buildings. This includes, windows, doors, maybe a few plants, or inside interior. Detail via exterior is important too! Example, road-lines, trees, plants, bins, signs or even match the grass color to a specific season.
Your game has potential, just needs a little more work. Hope to maybe see an updated post soon!