Feedback on White Room game

Hello, I am hoping for feedback on a hangout game I made.
(I know it’s boring, but it’s meant to be played with more people than just 1.)

It’s from 2023, and many games have the same name; so don’t get them mixed up.

Game: [📛 UPD] The White Room - Roblox

Bye, thanks for reading!

11:53 AM

Interesting game I’d give that to you! Not much to It though. The game Is short lol. I like how you click the button and get teleported. Maybe you can turn this into a like escape game. You have to find the right things to click. Besides that its cool.

where are the scripts :face_holding_back_tears:

Haha, well it’s when I’m in the game.

If you want to see it happen, you can join now cause I’m playing it right now.

If I did, it would be a separate game.
This game is just a hangout game.

Use less free models, allot of the things in the game are free models from the toolbox.

That’s the testing place/secret, not the actual game.

Since it isn’t apart of the game, I don’t care if it’s free modeled.
The actual game itself (the main part) aka the white-room isn’t a free model/