Feedback on Winter Scene

Hey! Thanks for checking out this post. Ive made a winter scene with smooth roblox terrain, and some low poly trees. I would like some feedback.

I hope you like it, Thanks for reading.


Aside from the random grass patches it’s a 10/10, really like it.


The grass patches seem out of place, though, this could likely be fixed by making the grass less vibrant. Darker grass patches would likely fit the winter-vibe of the map a bit better. Additionally, try having a bit more variety in the size of your trees/map assets!

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This looks really nice but why did you add the grass patches? (Opinion) It would look better without them to me at least.

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I am very impressed with this scene and I am a fan of how well everything blends together, especially the snow and ice. The only nitpick I have with this has to do with the random grass patches, I’m unsure if they’ve been added for effect or for “moss” but personally I think this scene would look better without them. Other than that your creation is amazing and I hope you make more in the future!

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It’s beautiful but there shouldn’t be any grass
Good luck building the map!

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