Feedback on wip low-poly map

:wave: Greetings, developers! Today I wanted to share a map that i’ve been working on currently just for pure fun.

:heart: Any criticism is welcome, thank you!


It looks really really really good! I like the lighting and rain effect. Really, the only thing I would change would be the flowers. They look good, but they are less detailed than the rest of the map. I think the reason they look out of place is that they are blocky and angular. But the rest of the build is beautiful, and you did an amazing job!!!


This looks very good! I like the style, lighting, and theme of it! Nice job!


This looks amazing, my jaw dropped as soon as I saw the first photo! I really love the sound design- sounding different outside than it does inside the house. All the softer materials (Curtains, mats) look realistic and nice.

I think that the mushrooms should be placed closer together, and in sorts of clusters of size. For realism, having mushrooms means you have good dirt for life. In turn- mushrooms are often in clumps or small groups. It does look like a real, healthy, lively forest. I love it!

I agree with what Glory said- they look kind of odd being perfectly straight up. I think varying sizes might be nice.

Oh- total sidenote but when I heard the SDV winter theme I was like “Wait- did I accidentally click the album on Spotify??” nice choice (:


Hey, thank your for your feedback! Really appreciate it!
For the flowers, I totally agree with you. Thanks for the advice!

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Thank you so much for the feedback!
I never thought about the little mushroom groups, that is a very nice idea, thank you!

For the SDV theme, i know right! That game has the best ost for this kind of atmosphere!


Love SDV so much. Glad to have provided some sort of help! I can’t wait to see where this’ll go :doh:

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