Feedback on wip pf fanart

I would like some feedback on my render so far as I’m in need of some ideas on what I should add, also will add trees soon. Not sure if the bushes look good so would like some feedback if it looks good or not

please read before you leave feedback


I feel this needs a lot more detail on it, and what the heck is that coming out the back of his head?

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That looks great! I personally recommend more going on in the left side, it just seems too lonely.

Keep up the good work!


I’d suggest adding more 3d trees instead of just an HDRI and also adding a denoise node. But everything else looks really good.

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Adding a bunch of barrels or a second guy at the left side would balance things out.

Its also has a lot of noise, so denoising would also be good.

Adding a bunch of bushes,sticks and more shrubs would also be nice.

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This is a wip, please note I am adding trees (which I said in the post if you read it)

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this is just the viewport so not rendered yet

It’s just some sticks which I haven’t distributed on the ground yet