Feedback on 'Wizard City'

I’d love some feedback so if you guys have any questions, comments, or criticisms, let me know!


The UI is very consistent, and looks nice all around. One thing that was a bit confusing at first was the mouse system. Took a bit to getting used to, but after a bit it started to feel more natural. One (possible?) bug is that my character appeared to spawn with no clothing equipped. Some feedback, you may want to make the UI’s draggable, so the user could open the equipment and spells menu at the same time. Spells projectiles travel a bit to slow in my opinion, as it is hard to hit any user who is not standing completely still. All in all, I like the game so far, and I really like the consistency of the UI.


The not spawning with clothing is intentional as of right now. Thank you for your feedback on the camera work! The draggable UI idea I unfortunately don’t think I will implement for now because the mechanics of the game are meant for you to only be able to have one of those menus open at once.

I will continue to work hard, though and I am going to start posting updates in this thread!

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Would like to revive this thread to get feedback on some more things I could be doing with the game, idea-wise!