Feedback on wooden chair

Wooden chair (apologies for cropping, my house has a power cut rn)


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Feedback wanted


First, I like to see you are branching out from metal!

Feedback: Respect the wood grain! See if you can rotate it. Your entire model has a single direction grain. Strength follows the grain. This would be a brittle chair.

Against the grain, a block of wood can only be as long as the tree is wide. Imagine you are crafting the chair with a hammer and saw. Always align the wood to go along the length of the board. It’s easy to miss, so go back over your work! Wood grain draws the eye in a way metal does not.

Even aware of my wood grain, I still make mistakes…

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This looks pretty good! Perhaps @WoodReviewer would be able to give better feedback, though. :wink:

If I have any real critique it would be that the foot-rest things on the bottom of the chair could be a bit thicker, as they look too thin.


Good start, few things:

Try to include a dummy or any humanoid so we can see your scaling, because at the moment the chair seems relatively thin, especially the back rest.

The legs of the chair seems to lack a few details. Although you have the piece of wood that connects the legs, what about the rubber feet? Surely you don’t want your floor to be scratched up.

Finally, I think the padding can be slightly more rounded. Kinda nitpicking to see just a flat surface, though i’ll still credit you for including this detail.

Overall it’s a good model for a dining set, just needs the finishing touches and realistic approach when it comes to design.

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Yes, I was planning to put PBR on it

Are you the alt of @WoodReviewer ?? lol

Height is ok, dw, but the back is 0.1 studs

Whoops, I’ll add it in then

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Hmmmmmmm very good wood. Try not having those tiny ledges on the chair legs where they connect to the actual seat.

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The issue I have with your builds is no longer the brickspamming, but the placement of detail. A lot of your builds, including this one, focus too hard on the first parts of the build, not the last.

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No, but I sit in a wooden chair lol.

I have not met this apparently famous individual, but I have been spending the last 3 months trying to speed up my UV editing, and textures with direction are definitely tricky (wood and brick). The best method I have found for wood is to use Smart UV mapping, scale all UV faces at once (sticking to multiples of 2, so that I can be consistent across models), then individually select and rotate faces for direction.

Wood grain is important, but not as important as finishing my game lol.

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