Feedback on work

So I haven’t been on the forums for a bit because I’ve been trying to get better with blender to make models for games and I’ve finished many tutorials but I’m really proud of this one which took me 2 days which I might just use for a game.

Any feedback is appreciated and if anyone wants the tutorial series you can find it on Ryan King Art’s channel.


Wow talk about realistic I mean it wow I’m just lost for words all I can say is maybe change the head what I mean is the head seems like it going to snap of the neck.

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Thank you very much for your feedback!

If it took you two days, then my attempt would have taken a month. Excellent job on the animation, and just like @Funny_Develop’s statement, it is realistic indeed!

Thanks! The tutorial series is actually designed for beginners so I think you could finish it very quick. beginner or not!

You should make a UGC concept out of this! Bravo!