Feedback on yet another gfx

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The text looks a bit squeezed off but rest others look good!


Yeah, I agree. The stroke can be a different color, maybe light blue?? Also why is the character so long!! I don’t know if you made it like that or something but it doesn’t look like as normal as other avatars.

That’s all I gotta say, but goodjob on your GFX!


Looks cool! But as mentioned by @OhLordiez, yeah those texts were a bit over-squeezed. It is because logos would be downscaled on the homepage, especially in the Roblox mobile (smartphone) app. Anyways, the GFX looks great and appealing for a bakery game!


GFX: The pose and background are great but the border on the avatar doesn’t really fit well with the overall icon. The avatar needs a bit better lighting, if you use Blender I recommend Cycles as the engine to have better quality.

LOGO: Now the logo… I’m sorry if I come off harsh but it’s just text with some glow. The curve is a bit much and the text is too large for one line. The logo doesn’t show it’s a bakery.

The icon in my opinion doesn’t really show how it’s eye-catching enough to make me click on it. An icon has to show what the game is about, or have some type of relation to it. You made the character hold a cupcake, but it’s not enough.

Overall, it’s not a bad gfx but there’s a lot to improve on. Keep up the good work!

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Light blue wouldn’t work, it would unbalance the color warmth and blend into it. I would instead suggest using a shaded yellow to yellow-green off-color.

Also to add to the stretched text, I see the effect he was going for, however, as many have already stated, either the font family or letter spacing on it makes it give off less of a departed text effect and more of an over-sized stretched text.

Another nice detail to add to this would be to lower the opacity of the white outline on the character render, thus giving it depth and a rather dramatic-looking effect.

Adding to what I said before, please balance out the warmth of the image more, the shadows and highlights are way too cool and they need to have a more balanced warmth, try adding more warmer colors, like red, orange, etc.

Otherwise, great job, keep it up! :slight_smile:

I think the backround is great! Similar to some other peoples opinions the text looks a bit weird. Maybe instead of

Pastries Bakery


I did use cycles to render my image believe it or not, but ty for feedback

Wow you’re so talented! I do suggest taking away the white outline, it’s very eye-catching and very bold. I agree that the text seems squeezed, but you can hide that appearance by colorful, decorative font. Assuming this is a GFX idea created for Pastries Bakery you could make the letters a donut color with icing dripping down, or even sprinkles added!

Amazing work Vain!