Feedback on Zombie Madness Game

Hello. I had a game that chose a random killer to find and kill everybody - not terribly original - so I spent about an hour converting that into a sort of zombie dungeon-crawler.

Players have two minutes to kill all the zombies (which scales with the amount of players in the game) and then to defeat the final boss Don Zom.

Definitely looking to increase player retention. Oftentimes someone will join in just to see a round has started, so they don’t want to wait 20 seconds for a new round to start. Others will die immediately, be removed from the round, and then quit for good.

Please let me know your feedback.

The zombies should be r15 not rthro, it just makes more sense. The knife tool should also have a different animation when you attack the zombies. Also, adding a spectate system would be nice as well.

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You should add guns I think it would be better than knifes. Knifes could be your secondary weapon

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The game was rather difficult to play. Here’s a few problems I found while playing the game.

Maps: Starting off with the map, the lobby was very nicely built however it felt rather cramped, I would recommend trying to expand the lobby.

The maps for the actual gameplay felt massive, with the amount of time given it’s very difficult to cover the entire map, I would either try increasing the player number per server or shortening the maps. Not to mention, it was easy to fall out of the map due to having no invisible walls or windows for some maps.

Gameplay: For the actual gameplay, the timing felt too short and was hard getting anything done, killing the zombies felt like a challenge as the knife did little to no damage, you should see to it that you add guns to the game. And outrunning the zombies felt too easy, since they couldn’t jump. I would recommend creating your own zombies so they’re more suited to your game.

Overall, if you fix all those problems mentioned I think the game would be rather enjoyable, and you’d be able to have people stay for longer rather than leaving. I hope this helped.

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Thanks for feedback so far everyone. Going to try to respond to everyone. For now, the maps are kind of, not built for guns, there’s too much high ground and guns might feel like cheating. The knife is bad, but it’s the starter weapon, I think you could gain better weapons quite quickly, especially if you have teammates who already have these weapons and carry you to victory - however, this hasn’t happened in practice because of lack of player retention, so I may need to reconsider.

My original idea was to balance the progression in this manner: you start off weak, just fighting to survive, but this leads to a lot of down-time in the beginning if you’re dying right off the bat. Then in the end, you fight to beat the timer - even with the best weapon this leads to some chancy situations as to whether or not you will win. However, players aren’t even getting to the best weapon, so I may need to go back to the drawing board.

I agree with the comment about the holes in the maps, need to get those fixed for sure - and the zombies. Roblox NPC pathfinding is just… bad in general right now, but jumping might be able to fix some of that.

I really like the lobby, and the arena. Perhaps your own zombies could be made, rather than free models. Guns would be nice to add, so you can damage the enemies from a distance.