Feedback on Zombie Simulator


I am just looking for opinions on a game I will soon release called Zombie Simulator (not the most creative of names, I know). Any constructive feedback is welcomed and appreciated.

Hello! I have no issues with the game but please make an appealing thumbnail.
Apart from that its good!

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Intro was kind of uncommon, pretty direct, but was infact suitable for something close to the horror theme, However, there isn’t that much info included, Maps are just maps, it doesn’t really tells us anything about them, Difficulties, and what you can do in it or unlock.


Despite possessing a rather stable atmosphere and starting point, You don’t really feel like a zombie, you eat NPC that should run away from you, but they doesn’t do it at all, which is pretty unexciting for such a theme, they are well known to be dangerous from numbers, and it doesn’t seem like you can expand either…


Instead, we are facing a extremely mainstream RPG Gameplay with the goal of progressing by “Leveling Up” your Zombies to face superior NPCs, it doesn’t feel like i’m a zombie, it is not invading, just a regular farming cycle.

I’m quite dissapointed at the game directive as it aims everything except the actual definition of Zombie.


Great Mechanics for a Simulator, although I have uncovered some bugs and enjoyment issues.

Here is 1 example of a bug:
This happens when you spam click the upgrade button.

I have uncovered some other bugs, like when reseting sometimes you don’t spawn as a zombie, or the titles not appearing when flicking through the map.
Another bug is cows randomly turning invisible.

Gameplay wise, it is a good simulator. Although I would like to feel more joy when killing something. Maybe adding some more effects when killing a creature. Maybe an animation?

After killing something I don’t think brains should drop. Maybe just adding EXP instead of brains. (Cows don’t have 3 brains)

Also adding a way to go back into the map without reseting would be good.

Other than that, great starting point! You may need to polish some areas up, but it is still fun. (I played for about 10 minutes)


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i played it for a bit till i reached lvl 109 rank 5… than the upgrade systems bugged out and i couldnt upgrade anymore. so i did reset character and i respawned as my normal roblox toon and not as the zombie and wasnt able to do anything more. But overal i kept playing till i reached the end so thats good. work out the game more and place more objects in the world. Right now its kinda empty. keep it up and youll have a fun game to play imo

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Reopened with some quality of life fixes, let me know if you all find any more issues.

I definitely like the game, there are a few things I would add to give the game that “touch”.

  • One thing that I would add into the game would be sound effects whenever a cow, or other entity is “attacked” by the zombies, since there would be some form of sound that would confirm your hit on the entity.
  • I would definitely look into making the zombies a little slower as well, I seemed to be moving around 100/studs/sec, but I do not know if this is for testing purposes or not. So that is the main reason why I added that into the second statement.
  • Lastly I would potentially add in some form of tutorial that can show you the “ropes” of the game when you are trying to play it for the first time.

Overall, I would rate this game a clean 7/10!

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Haha my bad I forgot he speed was set to 100

I like what you’ve done with the atmosphere and aesthetics and also the music of the game, those departments are pretty well done.

But I have some small issues with the GUI. One of them being that the position tweens are genuinely soooo slow, like especially when it tweens out of the screen. I don’t like this at all as it is really tedious to use the UI in that way.

Also your Zindex is a bit messed up where the “Shop” button is over the upgrade UI when you tween.

I understand that this is Alpha stage and a simulator but the game is reaaally dry. In terms of mechanics. Everything is so expectable. You click near cows and get this Brain stat thing (still got no clue what it’s called). I would add something to spicen the gameplay up like having a special mob which spawns anywhere but rarely. Or have a boss.

Furthermore I really don’t understand the fact that we’re just punching cows as zombies and then their limbs get detached. Like I’d say to have the NPC’s you punch get infected and work on your side to infect the other cows and have them despawn after a bit. The mechanics just aren’t very zombie-ish imo except that the mobs drop multiple brains.

The game doesn’t feel open to me. You just go in one direction where all other directions are walled off.

And another thing, what do the levels even mean? Are they just for flexing or do they boost any stats?

But I like that you utilised the new grass material. And I do like the thing of exploring new biomes.

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