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hi i made something,don’t really know what to call it snykore


I think the build looks good overall! I’m not a huge fan of the green hue, but that’s all preference I guess. One thing you could improve is getting rid of the grass splotches in the stairs. Other than that, looking great!


I believe it looks quite nice, the lightning looks astonishing. The entrance could use a little bit more detail though as it doesn’t really fit in with the rest of the design in my opinion. Otherwise, great job.

In my opinion you did a good job, I am an admirer of the realistic aspects and I really liked the solar lighting the exterior of your construction is good I quite liked the texture that you used good work


As always, please do not be discouraged by my opinion.

So, it looks pretty cool but there are some things I would consider:

1. Maybe I would suggest you to lower the lighting a bit, to try and give it a better look.

2. I also noticed that there is grass growing into the stairs, so maybe you can try and get rid of that portion.

3. Maybe you could consider doing the interior to make the value go higher.

4. I am not saying change it, but I am definitely not a big fan of the greenish colour you went for.

Best of luck in future development.

Suggestions for improvement:

  1. Give the walls more variety of colours, it doesn’t really represent what you’re going for.

  2. Add important details, it could be as simple as broken glass cups, etc.

  3. Add detail to the environment, this could include trees, bushes, sticks, etc.

  1. I think something is wrong with the scale of the building, The entrance area is larger than other parts of the building.

  2. Why there are windows at the bottom? it makes the building looks like have two floors and cause the entrance area to looks way bigger than it should. Are those basement windows? maybe you can use other types of window to get the feeling right.

  3. This school looks quite small from the outside, it looks like it only has two classrooms on both sides from this angle.

  4. I just don’t like the colour of it, maybe it is because I don’t prefer to use this type of green if you prefer this then go on.

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like this?

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This seems like a great build, although the green on the building doesn’t seem to fit it.
Over-all good!

Looks good! A good deal cleaner than before.

Nice! I love the lighting, terrain & trees. Really astounding there!