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Realistic Rain Almost

This is a small project I made to get rid of the annoying problem of rain and snow particles clipping through parts and terrain. This is a license-free and open-source project so do with it as you wish!

If you have any questions or concerns, contact Namespace#2887.

Current Version QA - CLOSED

Realistic Rain v1.1 was given an average rating of 6.5.

Please rate the current version of Realistic Rain if you have used it. This data will be used to improve the next version.
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If you want, you can DM me with a problem and I will try to fix it.

Current Version - 1.1 Patch 1 (v1.1p1)

This is the official version of Realistic Rain. The previous version was a prototype.

Fixed an issue where you would get teleported into seats if the rain parts touched them. Please be sure you update your version.


• Rain particles no longer strictly follow the player. This was causing an issue where when the player turned the rain instantly faced that direction
• Fixed a typo that I hope nobody noticed
• New rain particles


• Rain sounds
• Thunder sounds
• Lightning
• Splash particles
• A configuration module


• None

The new lightning bolt will appear a random amount of seconds after the thunder sound. However, it will not spawn unless there is a clear path to the ground with nothing in the way.

Screenshot Examples

Thanks to @Krenilov ( Profile - Roblox) for the examples below.

You can edit the place here. Everything is located in StarterGui.
Realistic Rain 1.1.0 - Roblox

Sorry for the delay

Previous Version - 1.0

You can see a live demo here Realistic Rain - YouTube
You can edit the place here Realistic Rain - Roblox


• Fully open-source
• Fully runs on the client
• Latest Raycasting & RunService technology (once Roblox releases the new RunService functions)
• Works with water above the player
• <100 lines of code
• Code is well commented, clean, and organized


• Doesn’t work when the user swims in water
- This can easily be fixed by checking if the player is swimming but I did not implement it so feel free to implement it yourself if you would like.

Editing Notes

If you are going to edit, please take a look at these notes first.

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The main script is located here

This text

Is located here

You can edit how high the rain appears above the player’s head by changing this value

You can edit how high the raycast will check for objects here

Once Roblox relases it, you should change runService.Heartbeat to runService.PostSimulation here

There is more to come to this project soon with v1.2 :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain:

Please reply with any feedback, suggestions, comments, bugs, or concerns. Or you can DM me on Discord.

As of 22/6/2022, there are no plans to renew Realistic Rain for another iteration. I know I said previously that I was going to but these plans have changed.

Despite saying this a mere 3 weeks ago, work on Realistic Rain 2.0 has officially begun. Realistic Rain 1.0 will be a legacy version once released and no longer supported with updates or bug fixes.


Very nice. I’ll implement this into one of my games for more better atmosphere. Good work!


Realistic Rain 1.2 will be coming in the near future with some changes. Here are the planned changes so far:

• Improved lightning using an open-source module
• Lightning will spawn on top of objects
• Particles for lightning
• Instead of hiding the rain, it will snap to the top of the object above the player
• Rain appearing on the camera using an open-source module
• Addition to the configuration module allowing the rain to be toggled on and off
• Adaptive splash particles

All open-source resources will be linked with their respective owners when used :slight_smile:


look cool cannot wait to give it a try

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An issue with the rain teleporting you into seats has been addressed and fixed. Please be sure to update your version! You can copy over the config module to the new one and delete the current one if you don't wish to write your settings again.

Huge thanks to @NeuWinter for reporting this bug.


Small update.


• CanTouch is now enabled disabled on all of the parts
• Set the CollisionGroupId to 31


config.GetAssets(SortBaseParts) - Get all of the physical assets in workspace. SortBaseParts will only return actual parts, not sounds or folders.
config.ThunderVolume - Change the volume of the thunder.


• None


This is a pretty cool effect. I was wondering if it would be possible to still have rain whenever the character is under a roof, but have the rain move outside the roof. Currently if I’m under a roof and am looking outside, it looks like there is no rain. I want to have rain when looking outside.

This is possible and will be coming in a future update.


The system looks great by far, one question is that is will the sounds potentially have a drown-out feature when going inside or under shelter? unless the sounds its just something constantly playing and aren’t affected by the system at all.

Would it be possible to add some screenshots to the post so people know what to expect?

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There are screenshot examples at the bottom of the version page.

Currently the sounds will play all the time unless you disable them.

Didn’t see that, sorry. I’d suggest moving the screenshots to a section on their own, where you don’t need to open menus to see them. At the bottom of the post would work.

How can I turn it on/off for everyone in the game?

You would have to modify it, I planned to add it later but I probably won’t be working on the project anymore. If you need any help you can just DM me here.

Very nice work, finally something that actually takes into account buildings and such. I am happy to see that the rain does not penetrate parts/objects.

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Maybe you should make the rain become more silent or have more reverb when you’re under a object so the rain sound doesn’t just disappear

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