Feedback / Opinion on prerelease for my platformer game[closed]

Hello I made a platformer that if you seen my posts they are mostly about this, it is in the pre-testing phase.

Here is the game link:

Please report any bugs.
Also I don’t expect much fanart from this game because the protagonist is just a noob with a goofy hat

Thanks! :+1:


I’m not saying you can’t draw fanart if you did it would be very much appreciated, but It’s kinda a simple thing to draw so yeah.

LOL I can draw some fanart what picture do you want drawn

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Oh thanks, just draw what you desire after some gameplay : D

Should I draw you avatar? I can if you want like a pfp?

Oh I was talking about fanart for the game.
I thought it was too simple for anyone to want to draw.

You know what, I love this game! Flat-out!

The controls, gui, gameplay, animations, everything is awesome!

Please continue working on this project, I would love to see more!

How do you make the game link like that?

Well ok yeah I mean it’s just a boring picture

I just pasted it from the address bar

My game link is just a link with out the picture This is an example of my link

I just copy and paste the full link and dev forums does the rest

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Just co-y the link in your browser and copy and paste it in dev forums

i swear i know you from somewhere.
i cant play it right now, but i will!

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The game is so cool! Good job bro! The game gives me some kind of nostalgia, lol

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i absolutely love this. Only thing that really requires more work imo is the animations (they look kinda clunky, especially the dive and long jump one) and the sound effects

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I’m not the best animator, and toolbox doesn’t have the best sound effects.
Do you know anyway to find better sounds?

You’d have to spend robux unfortunately to upload your own. Only way to get better sounds as we all know that all sounds in the toolbox are overused.

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