Feedback Option Missing on Roblox Creator Documentation Pages

Issue Description:

In the Creator Hub, the option to provide feedback by creating a post on the Developer Forum is not visible. This issue occurs when attempting to use the “Feedback” button found in the Roblox Creator Documentation.

Reproduction Steps

  1. Navigate to any area of the Roblox Creator Documentation, such as the BadgeService page at BadgeService | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub.
  2. Click on the “Feedback” button.

Expected Behavior:

After clicking on the “Feedback” button, there should be an option to create a post on the Developer Forum to provide feedback.


Actual Behavior:

The option to create a post on the Developer Forum is not visible, preventing users from providing feedback publicly.

Page URL:


I can’t reproduce this personally. Are you by any chance logged into an account that doesn’t have access to post in #bug-reports? Only users with such permission can use (and see) that option since using it posts a bug-report.

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Was going to post the same thing. Cannot reproduce, make sure you’re properly logged in.

Hey, @Abcreator and @bvetterdays! How are you guys doing?

Quite odd that both of you cannot reproduce the bug… I am properly logged in indeed and yet, still cannot see the option:

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I’m creating a reply to say that I still see this same issue… Nothing changed…

Thanks for the report - just sent this one over to the team!

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Thank you very much @music_man1996! Hopefully, the team can respond and help me out with this issue!

Can reproduce, I am properly logged into all Roblox services.
But, in the debugger, the string exists

After some more digging:

As you can see, the POST request does have an isPublic parameter, but it seems like it doesn’t display the radiobutton to display your feedback publicly.

EDIT: THe XSRF Token seems to have fixed itself as seen in the screenshot, but it’s indeed weird the isPublic flag is not able to be changed in the browser. Editing the isPublic parameter to true seems to return 200 which doesn’t indicate any issue on that. But I don’t see anything appearing on the forum as far as I know.

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