[Feedback or Rate] My first 4K gfx . (blender)

Hi , I made recently This GFX , My first 4K Image made by me , I like some feedbacks from you guys :slight_smile:


I really like it! I really like the sun effect and the reflection on the glasses, the trail following the jet is a great touch too! All in all great gfx!


I like the graphic you have made in this 4k GFX and also I like the design as well because the picture looks cool but also it will attract other people and also reply to you that to done a pretty good job. I give you 10/10 it is because of the graphic, using a blender, the design and also the quality of the picture. this is my rate and all of this is my Feedback…Great Job :partying_face: :+1:

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Hey! I really like this, the reflections look very nice. Maybe try to add some lighting on the character and add some texture to the buildings. <3



For 4K, I think the clothing could be a higher resolution. Try running it through something like Waifu2x a couple times. :stuck_out_tongue: