Hello everyone,
I recently made an Easter themed GFX as practice. I would simply like feedback and / or constructive criticism, as I would like to know what I can improve on.
Much appreciated!


Using an HDRI is definitely a smart idea—have you tried experimenting with different skies? The one you used in this is a nice sunset, but makes the lighting look somewhat flat. If you swapped it out with a daytime sky, I think it would make the scene look more vibrant and eye-catching.

Absolutely, thank you for the suggestion. I definitely will experiment with more HDRIs, since I only have a few that I actually use.

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The general composition of the render is quite nice, and I can see that there aren’t many visual artifacts present in the render.

Just in general, perhaps try to add some variety to the vegetation. The grass is extremely plain, as it’s just a regular patch of grass duplicated over the surface of the landscape with no alteration in scaling, colour, or structure. Adding a few flowers or some more plants will surely spice up the world you’ve put together. In terms of a focal point, perhaps try to apply some DOF to your render so that a viewer’s eye doesn’t scatter all over the place (Also, rule of thirds! Well, I’ll be honest, I almost never use ROT, but in this case I believe it would be applicable for having a more balanced composition])

Well, this next segment is merely subject to my opinion, but typically, when I think of the word, “easter,” I’d think of something bright, vibrant, and colourful. Be sure to play around with colour grading (or even changing HDRIs as GhostRunner mentioned) and add some post-effects to liven up the render. Just cause I have the time, I’ll show you what a few quick additions into Photoshop can do to really, “glow up,” (hope I used the term right) the visual presentation.

That’s all I can really think of off the top of my head. I hope this helped at least. :slight_smile:


Good job. It looks very clean. I like the textures and the grass.

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Noted, thank you very much! If you don’t mind, what sort of effects did you add besides the sun flare overlay?

Everything here pops!
I love it! ^^

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I love it It looks like an actual egg hunt and it should actually be used as a egg hunt sort of theme game. Good luck and good job!

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I usually dislike this, but instead of using bones to animate the character, you should switch to R15.

This looks really good, I really enjoyed the sky and the colorful egg. Great work.

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Looks very nice. Maybe some more lighting fx like bloom, blur and sun rays. But thats mostly minisqule things. I would give this one an 8.5/10

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It’s pretty good overall, but the GFX just looks plain overall. The sky makes the lighting seem plain, and the grass/trees are a little plain too. Your new GFX is awesome though!

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Considering this is a Easter themed GFX, I feel like it should be more bright and colorful.
I decided to do my own edit on what I see as “bright and colorful”.
I added a sunray, a rainbow(makes it more colorful and brighter) and I played with the brightness.

I also added an unfocus blur to guy in the back as he’s not close to the camera giving it a realistic effect.

Apart from this, it’s really good. :+1:

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It’s really nice just add some more bright lighting so it matches spring a bit more, maybe a yellow lens flare.

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