[Feedback] Pizzeria Build

I have recently been building a Pizzeria for fun and, I wanted to see what I can make my build better than it is right now. Since this game is pretty big and there would be too many screenshots I rather provide the game link. (The game is also supposed to be based on an old Pizzeria in the 80’s-90’s)

Game Link

Pizzeria [Showcase] (READ DESC) - Roblox


I really like it. I like how you made it low poly. It looks super nice! :smiley:

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oh. my. god. I love it! Really classic like 2012-2014 roblox design. Really good game tho :star_struck:

Keep up with the amazing work! :+1:

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This is fantastic. You’ve really captured a time and place with simple models. Well done!

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Wow! This is really good!

An amazing, calm design that is perfect!

Keep up the good work! :+1:

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While it’s a good looking design you manage to capture the 80s style feel overall I feel like the flooring of the place looks alright but could be changed to something more classic usually 80s or 90s restaurants feature a classic floor like checkerboard floor. Since you have that design on the table consider making the tables have a whiter color so it doesn’t look plain on the floor. The colors pop, the building is unique and has a very great style.

Like in this image below I don’t know if you got inspiration from it, but you could see it holds a few details on the walls like the checkerboard lines on the walls maybe that’ll improve the overall feel of it. Anyways, it’s a definitely good build.


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