[FEEDBACK] Please rate my FGX

Please rate my XFG (Please rate) (Feedback)

(This is my GXF but purple hue)

This is my FXG in the second year


This is honestly better than what I’ve ever done. I would give it a 9.9/10 for sure! My favorite part would be how realistic the flag looks.

Bro thats really good! 10 100%!

Huh. The standards here for FGX is pretty low, I’d expect a 6.5/10, the lighting looks ugly and unattractive at most, and the fire effects are just low quality and warped. This took around 1-2 hours to make, and in my opinion is one of the worse XGF I’ve made, for comparison this is a GFX I made on my first year

Honestly, my knowledge and skillset have improved since then, but my work ethic/effort has drastically decreased. this FXG took around three days to make in total.

I used a poorly set up three point-lighting for my FXG, hence the face being entirely lit up with no ambient occlusion whatsoever, when you scroll in it’s much very noisy, and the post-processing node setup is also poorly constructed with just gains in midtones and highlights in colour-correction and glare

In addition, the normal map for the armour in the XGF is much very high, making it look like mush.

You know, this one by far is my favorite. Yes, the lighting doesn’t look the greatest however this is awesome! You can’t always underrate yourself so much. At least sometimes try to give yourself hope because that is a very important part of succeeding. You should try selling some GFXs like these for around 250 until you start getting major compliments. After that, you should be good to start selling higher and higher as you get better at making these.

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I have no words. That is just too good. 10 / 10

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Greetings, This is against to the Rules! Glocal Rule 7.

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I love this and i would give it a 9/10 because of the little noise.

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