[FEEDBACK] "Post-Apocalyptic" Border wall

Greetings everyone. This is my Distopic Sci-Fi border wall. I would like to ask for some feedback of the front of the construction, since the roof and the back are still under heavy development. Please keep on mind that it is supposed to look kinda “scary” and dark.

Thanks for the advices and for reading!



The Omega Imperium’s Border looks very nice. There’s a lot of detail and so on and it is large enough to match the genre. I say the top of the border and the turrets could use some more detail.

Area of improvement.



Thanks @Lv100DominusUltimus, I’ll look onto your advice, my plan is to fill that zone with pipes and landing pads, I’ll see if I can find a better design for the front and the cannons.

The only thing I’d suggest is adding more diversity and contrast among the shapes of the wall. Think of the function of the wall, and elements that would be necessary for any large building; Like communications equipment, vents and drains, etc. and use these ideas to add variance along the similar parts.

Below is a great image of visual contrast between similar shapes


Thanks @yenyang4! I’ll try to add more functional parts that give a more “roleplayish” aspect to construction, this was on my plans but I’ll put it in a higher priority. Thanks!

It looks detailed and fits the genre of post-apocalypse. Does look amazing in general.

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Looks amazing and a little problem looks the red windows


@Dev100101Thanks for your feedback! The red windows are actually holograms in which I will add things, I’ll see if I can change their shape or settings to make it them look more holographic.

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Updated picture:

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While I’m not too sure in what setting the border wall is (post-apocalyptic theme can be interpreted in many ways), I would assume the construction could benefit from ruggedness and wear to mark it’s standing and passage of time since it was constructed. Using textures, different materials and colors as well as adding grime and overgrowth could be helpful.

Looks amazing, can’t wait until this game will be released!

Loving what you’ve gotten done so far! What I’d say you should is play around to a darker colour scheme with the terrain over there, maybe throw some lights with beams in there if you want, since I think those would be cool too. I don’t really have anything else to say.

I appreciate you coming to look for further improvement & feedback on this place, looking forward to seeing what you can do with it!

All the best,

I can tell that a lot of work was put into this and it looks amazing. My recommendation is similar to @yenyang4 's in that you need some variance along the parts.

Looks really cool! If I had to make a suggestion it would be to make the red pieces a bit different, such as making them appear more like screens,windows, etc., not entirely sure what you were going with there, but it still fits in quite nicely.

It Really Makes Me Feel Like Im In Some Sort Of Half Life Universe. Really Scary And Cool At The Same Time. My Feedback Is To Make The Red Screens A Little Bit Unique.


  • I would say the border is a bit too blocky, I recommend you using cylinders to make the border less blocky.

Looks incredible! Good work. :+1: