[FEEDBACK] Post-apocalyptic hospital

Hey. I haven’t uploaded anything in some time, so here it is. What do you think about this build? Let me know :slight_smile: This one has lots of sound effects, to make it more realistic, so I’m leaving a video from the game :wink:


Video: - YouTube

Link for those interested: Alone - Roblox


That looks really good! It would be amazing for a horror game.

:star:10/10 :star:


Looks great, maybe add some vegetation / mold?


Looks amazing nothing much to say maybe some body parts like @Meta_data said maybe some mold? But overall it is a 10 a solid 10!


This hospital you build looks dusty, ruined and dirty which perfectly suits the post-apocalyptic build you were coming for!
I have one problem with this, and those are just anything that shows light. I just think its odd that the rest of the building are filled with stains except for them. Basically, you should add some dirt around the windows or lamps to make it look even more unclean and realistic. This also requires you to make a shadow effect to represent the stains. With this, your hospital will probably look even more appealing.
Also, the first image has a brown cupboard hanging above 2 chairs (and another one at the left). Its quite an awkward placement. I’d imagine a staff in this hospital feeling uncomfortable asking their patients to move aside so they could open the cupboards without anyone blocking it. I’d suggest you move it somewhere else that feels more appropriate.


This is incredible, the lighting so it seems scary really well done and about building it is perfect,:wink:

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I was thinking about it, thanks for your opinion!

Absolutely loving what you’ve done here, I’d be down for getting a fright here! I don’t really have much improvements to say, although I do like beams myself.

All the best, good luck on further improvement!

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Maybe you should make those lights flicker

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Excellent build! I see lots of detail 10/10 :grinning:

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Very scary! Is this suppose to be Zombie Outbreak thingy because I am loving it!

Keep up the good work man!

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